My debut contemporary romance novel is here!

This holiday season is being very special to me, since I’ve made a dream come true. I’ve published my first novel, The Postgirl.

Postgirl Thumb_1

This dream started many years ago, even before I was a teenager. I fantasized about seeing my name on the cover of a book, which in my mind was the closest thing to impossible.

It was my grandmother who put the seed of hope in my head. She always believed in me and told me I could become anything I set my mind to. She told me to keep writing and one day my name would be on a book cover. That moment has arrived, but she’s not here to see it. Still, I kept my promise and dedicated the first book to her. The Postgirl is for you, Maína. To my grandmother, my godmother and my guardian angel. With all my love.

The thing about dreams is that many times we have them, without realizing that it’s entirely up to us to make them happen. It takes just a step and then another. The moment we take action, set a deadline and start moving in that direction, the whole universe joins us to make it happen. It took me many years to realize something as simple as that.

What am I going to do now? Write more books in the series and keep dreaming. But I can’t dream without the love, the company and the support of my friends and family, so please join me in the adventure and let’s dream together!

Happy holidays!

Love always,


Debut novel coming soon!

702f08_86a06d90e98343988638077a337249d0Thanks so much for stopping by!

I just got the manuscript back from the editor and I’m working on the final revision. The Postgirl will be released later this week! I’ll definitely keep you updated. Yay!