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My hubby is a hero

I’m going to tell you a Christmas story, an unusual one about a man who went out during a rainstorm in his pajamas to protect two caterpillars in an orange tree. But before that, I want to introduce you to the caterpillars: Ricky and Enrique.

The man in question is my hubby, Author Rich Amooi, who didn’t think twice and ran to the tree to fix the umbrella that was protecting them. It was pouring so hard that it looked like there was a blanket of water on the other side of the window, making my hubby completely soaked as if he had taken a shower with his clothes on.

We hope Ricky and Enrique will survive this off season adventure, and if they do it will be all thanks to my hubby, my hero, who helped Ricky and Enrique continue their path to become two beautiful “giant swallowtail butterflies” like their summer siblings (see picture of Mira below.








We raised Mira inside the house and brought her outside when she came out of her cocoon. The two colors depend on whether you look on top or beneath her wings. 

More rain is coming today, but this time the protection is solid and if they’re still alive —I hope they are—they can resume their activity and finish their cocoon.


Above you can see Ricky about ten inches from the ground in his new greenhouse. Tara was supervising the whole operation and  gave me the paws-up for approval.

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