The Best Movie Experience Ever - Silvi Martín

The Best Movie Experience Ever

Today I’ve had one of the best movie experiences of my life. If you have visited an Angelika Film Center before, you know what I’m talking about, otherwise let me tell you what it’s like.

The original Angelika Film Center is in SoHo, New York City, but currently there’s also one in Washington DC, one in Fairfax (Virginia), two in Texas, and one in San Diego, California.

This theatre has been voted “Best of San Diego” in 2016. The first thing you notice is the elegance when you pass the outdoor patio and enter the luxurious and sophisticated lobby. The mezzanine lounge is upstairs, like a loft kind of design, where they serve craft beverages, fine wine, cocktails and a very creative menu designed by a chef (Santos Loo), including unique snacks, gourmet burgers, and flatbread pizzas.

You can choose your seat, and the seating is reserved whether you buy the ticket from home, at the self-service ticket kiosk, or at the desk, like we did.  The employee showed us the screen with the available seats and we chose the last row since it wasn’t a big auditorium.

To our surprise, when we entered our room, we noticed the huge, leather, power reclining chairs with footrests, like the ones you have at home that hug you and make you feel you’re floating, with lumbar support, and moveable trays with built-in cup holders.

You can eat lunch or dinner while you watch the movie, or after the movie, in their lounge. We only had hot coffee this time.

Not only did I love the movie we watched, The Big Sick, but also the ultimate relaxation experience of watching it in a first class chair, where I didn’t have to share the plush pillow arm with anybody.

They offer closed captioning devices and assisted listening devices so everyone can enjoy the show to the fullest.
 After this eye-popping experience I’m sure I’ll go back to the Angelika Film Center, a real treat for the senses.


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